Couple Throws Epic Night Market-Themed Wedding Reception

Door gifts were 'dumpling' candles in bamboo steamers.

Cover image via Jeffrey Lin (Facebook)

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Many people like a themed wedding as it brings a special and personal vibe to celebrations, and can also be enjoyable for guests

Admit it, some of us are at an age where we attend too many weddings and they can get pretty predictable, right?

But not at this couple's dinner reception.

Wedding guest Jeffrey Lin shared photos of his friend's reception on the popular Facebook page Subtle Asian Traits yesterday, 7 November, and the post has received over 3,200 likes and 200 comments.

The newlyweds, Tiffany Kwak and Jonathan Chu, who reside in California, US, went all out by transforming their wedding reception into an amazing Taiwanese/Korean night market experience.

"When your most creative friend is getting married and has a vision of a night market wedding reception," Jeffrey wrote in the caption.

Each table was playfully labelled with an Asian food or beverage, featuring items such as Beef Noodle Soup, Pepper Buns, Takoyaki, Pineapple Bread, Egg Tarts, Pearl Milk Tea, Taiwanese Fried Chicken, and an assortment of other options

"Table numbers are boring - there's nothing like the MC calling out '鹽酥雞 (Taiwanese fried chicken), please come to the sweetheart table for a group photo'," wrote Jeffrey in his caption.

According to the bride, the food stall signs had elements of English, Korean, and Chinese along with pronunciations at the bottom, so that their guests could learn and appreciate all the cultures.

In addition, as wedding favours, all of the guests received a 'dumpling' candle packaged in a bamboo steamer basket

To help make sure their creations were executed the way they imagined, the couple hired a wedding planner.

However, Jeffrey shared that Tiffany, the bride, personally designed and handcrafted every name card, and crafted all of the wedding invitations and food stall signs by hand.

"Both my husband and I really enjoyed visiting night markets when we travelled to Asia, so we wanted to share that feel with our guests," Tiffany shared with SAYS

Aside from the steamer basket with a dumpling candle that every guest received, Tiffany said there was also a menu booklet (with the front page reading: "Waddle, you see" — based off her greeting card page @waddleyousee) with hand-drawn pictures of each dish served throughout the night, and guests could jot down notes.

"The tables were arranged in aisles, so that as guests entered, it would feel like they were walking through a night market," she added.

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