From 'Star Wars' To 'Crash Landing On You', This Couple's Wedding Will Make You Jealous

Wedding planner: Which movie or TV show would you like to reference? Bride and groom: Yes.

Cover image via Benjamin & Megan (Provided to SAYS)

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Planning a wedding during a pandemic isn't easy.

A couple learned this the hard way after having to postpone the dates twice, but went all out once the date was finally set in stone.

Although frustrated with the postponements, which were due to COVID-19, Benjamin Wong and Megan Chin did not give up on having their dream wedding. With spare time on their hands, they began to elaborately organise a wedding that would incorporate their favourite movies and TV shows.

And from what we saw, the wedding was a jaw-dropping success.

Referencing not only one but a multitude movies and TV shows, their wedding has definitely triggered the jealousy of certain fans.

One of the highlights of the wedding has to be the couple's wedding march inspired by the Star Wars Imperial March

With the Star Wars Imperial March theme playing, the groom, wielding a red lightsaber, marched into the hall along with three Stromtroopers. Once he reached the stage, the bride then descended from the ceiling on a gondola.

The bride unveiled a blue lightsaber and the couple met in the middle of the stage to do a waltz before the theme song ended. They also cut their wedding cake while crossing their lightsabers.

Take a look at their impressive march here.

Benjamin and Megan upped the ante by performing a choreographed Latin dance from the movie Dirty Dancing

After a short break, the couple took the stage to perform the whole dance routine before the entire wedding crowd.

With the same song The Time of My Life from the movie, Benjamin and Megan delivered a stellar recreation of the final dance scene.

Part of the choreography involved the groom descending from the stage to the floor, where he was joined by friends who danced alongside him.

The finale of the routine is, of course, the iconic waist lift!

The crowd went wild.

Watch the full dance performance here!

During the wedding, the couple also played a video inspired by the hit K-drama series Crash Landing On You

They revealed that during the pandemic, they both fell in love with the K-drama, so they wanted to recreate the scenes from the show.

They recreated the scenes on video at Cameron Highlands to give it a Malaysian setting. The video was then titled Crash Landing In Malaysia.

Swoon over the Malaysian recreation video of Crash Landing On You, starring Benjamin and Megan:

To top it all off, they decorated the whole hall, foyer, tables, and LED screens with decoration inspired by The Oscars

As soon as guests walked into the foyer, they were greeted with two massive golden Oscar statues.

Even the tables in the hall were adorned with knick knacks from the award show, like Oscar trophies and film slates.

The foyer also displayed the couple's wedding photos that were recreations of famous movies and TV show posters.

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