12 Things Najib Left Unanswered In 2014

Some of Malaysia's biggest questions are still left unanswered, with little closure from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak himself as the end of 2014 draws nigh. Will we stumble upon the answers ourselves or will he break the silence soon?

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1. Infrastructure: Flooding happens every year, and it has reached new levels. When will flood prone areas get proper prevention systems?

At least five people have been killed in the floods along Malaysia's east coast, with over 160,000 displaced. Malaysia has announced an extra 500m ringgit to help victims of the country's worst flooding in decades. Prime Minister Najib Razak made the announcement after visiting flood-stricken areas.

Some victims have accused the government of being too slow in responding. "I am angry with them. We don't care about their politics. We just want the government to do what they should do and help us," one woman told AFP.

2. GST: The government says our GST percentage is one of the lowest in the world, but will it increase again in the near future?

3. Expenditure: Up to RM20 billion will be saved annually from cutting petrol subsidies but what about top level spending habits as seen in the annual AG reports?

4. Dialogue: What do you think about that open letter addressed to you?

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5. Extremism: Are you worried that we are moving away from the moderate and progressive Malaysia that you championed for?

6. 1MBD: What about the police report lodged against 1MDB's mismanagement of funds and its debts of over RM40 million?

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The attacks against Najib started earlier this week [12 December 2014] with Batu Kawan Umno division deputy chief Datuk Khairuddin Abu Hassan lodging a police report against the controversial state sovereign fund 1Malaysia Development Fund (1MDB).

1MDB [1Malaysia Development Berhad], which is Najib's brainchild, recently came under much scrutiny after several opposition leaders, including Pua, highlighted the fund's massive debts, dubious land deals and secrecy over its transactions. Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, another of 1MDB's staunch critics, has also asked Putrajaya to explain how 1MDB benefits Malaysians as it incurred an RM38 billion debt within just five years of its operations

7. The Sedition Act: It's here to stay four years after the announcement to repeal it?

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8. Deforestation: We hold the record for world's highest deforestation rate. We're worried. What now?

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9. Who won the golf game in Hawaii?

10. Malaysian wildlife: Are we caring enough for own endangered species?

Zoo Negara deputy director (zoology) Dr Muhammad Danial Felix said the RM24.9mil complex would be inspected by the Chinese government before the pandas are brought into the country.
Some RM15mil of the RM25mil required to build the complex will be forked out by 1Malaysia Development Berhad and the rest by the Malaysian Government.
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Status of Malayan tapirs: Endangered. Conservation threats: Habitat destruction and fragmentation is the primary threat. Large scale deforestation, including illegal logging for timber, is a major source of habitat loss. The growth of palm oil plantations is also a major factor in habitat loss. Hunting is also on the rise as other large "prey" species in the area are reduced in number.

11. Anwar's trial: Human Rights Watch group said Malaysian authorities would "make a travesty of the country’s criminal justice system" if Anwar's sodomy charges weren't dropped. Can we trust the Federal Court today?

“Prime Minister Najib (Razak) should seek the law’s immediate revocation before it can be used to harass and imprison others,” Robertson [deputy director, Human Rights Watch group] added as the watchdog voiced concern over the repeated use of the law against the ruling government’s key political enemy. “Malaysian authorities should drop their case against Anwar Ibrahim or risk making a travesty of the country’s criminal justice system,” he said in a statement today. To back up his claim, Robertson cited research from the Women’s Candidacy Initiative that showed the sodomy offence had only been invoked seven times since 1938, adding that four of those time, the law was purportedly used on Anwar.

12. Opinions: What about the authorities acting out against citizens who speak up?

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