Heat Wave In Malaysia Claims Another Child

The boy, aged 12, died yesterday morning, 1 May.

Cover image via New Straits Times

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Early Monday morning, 1 May, a 12-year-old boy from Kluang, Johor, died after suffering from heatstroke-induced complications

The boy, Airiel Syahren, showed symptoms such as fever without sweat, muscle cramps, vomiting, constant urination, and passing motion on Sunday night, 30 April, reported New Straits Times.

Airiel's younger brother and their mother also had a fever.

Thinking it was a regular fever, the boy's father, Syahrol Azmi Mohd Hekak, asked all three to sleep in the hall because the bedroom was "rather chilly", reported the Malay language daily, Harian Metro.

"However, I soon heard noises coming from the hall. He was shivering and having seizures," Syahrol said, adding that he then called the emergency department of Hospital Kluang.

According to the father, the hospital told him not to give the boy anything to eat or drink and wait for the ambulance to arrive. The boy became increasingly agitated while they waited for the ambulance.

He kept tossing in bed and experiencing incontinence.

"His younger brother also experienced the same thing but only for a few minutes," Syahrol said.

At the hospital, the doctors gave emergency treatment to the boy

Syahrol said that the doctors explained to him that Airiel experienced symptoms of heatstroke where his kidneys were affected and compromised, and there was also inflammation of the brain.

"One doctor called me to his room and briefed me on his condition. I did not have the heart to see him in such a state... I thought it would be better for him to depart and be relieved of the pain," he added.

Syahrol Azmi Mohd Hekak and his son, Airiel Syahren.

Image via New Straits Times

Airiel died of septic shock secondary to meningoencephalitis

Airiel's younger brother, Aidil Syahren, is currently stable and warded in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Airiel was buried at the Kampung Bentong Islamic burial ground.

This is the third heatstroke-related death in Malaysia:

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