12-Year-Old Penang Students Win International Award For Invention Made From Food Waste

The students from SJK(T) Ladang Prye won the award at the International Science and Invention Fair in Bali, Indonesia.

Cover image via Harian Metro via Bernama

Four 12-year-old students from SJK(T) Ladang Prye, Penang have won a gold award at the recent International Science & Invention Fair (ISIF) 2019 held in Bali, Indonesia

The four students - Harrish Raj Shanker, Harchana Changaiah, Siti Zumaidah Abdul Rahman, and Theva Tharsini Seekan - won an international gold medal for their invention, reported Bernama

ISIF took place from 21 to 26 June.

The team's ingenious invention repurposes orange peels and coconut shells into water filters, teeth whiteners, and odour remover sachets

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Image via Diomari Madulara/Unsplash

Harrish told Bernama that their inventions were inspired by the disposed coconut shells and the massive waste of orange peels during Chinese New Year.

He added that they wanted to focus on a project that revolves around reducing environmental waste and practising "3R", which is "reduce, reuse, and recycle".

The team took a month to come up with all the projects, with assistance from their teachers and school cleaners

"It took us a month to come up with all the projects, and we had our teachers to help us out and even the school cleaners," said Harrish.

The team's science teacher, N Pugeneswari, shared that the students had also submitted their projects for the third edition of the SIRIM Invention and Technology Expo (Si2TE) which was held in Kedah earlier this year.

Pugeneswari added that the gold award was bestowed on the teeth whitener and odour remover sachets, which were invented for Si2TE.

"It was only until ISIF that the students developed the water filtration system," she added.

What a smashing achievement!

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