This PJ Student Was Named The 'Top In The World' Scorer For IGCSE Maths And Add Maths

17-year-old Andrew Nge Jing Shuen scored the highest standard mark in the world during the November 2018 examinations.

Cover image via Beaconhouse Group of Schools

A 17-year-old student from Petaling Jaya, Selangor has made Malaysia proud by emerging the world's top scorer in two International General Certificate of Secondary Education for Mathemathics (IGCSE) subjects

Andrew Nge Jing Shuen, an ex-student of Beaconhouse Sri Inai International School, Petaling Jaya, was awarded the prestigious 'Top In The World' award at the recent Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards.

Nge had scored the highest standard mark in the world for IGCSE Mathematics and Additional Mathematics in the November 2018 examinations.

It is estimated that over a million students from 50 countries sit for IGCSE papers every year, a statement from Beaconhouse read.

Nge said he was honoured to be given the recognition, as he loves maths

"I love maths because of how it challenges me to solve difficult problems and I am happy that my passion and hard work has helped me achieve this truly memorable moment," he said in the statement.

Currently pursuing a South Australian Matriculation course, Nge admitted that learning was not always easy for him

"Learning wasn't always easy for me and I really struggled with homework due to low concentration earlier on in my education," he added.

Nge (middle), flanked by Beaconhouse Sri Inai International School executive principal Nicki Coombs and Beaconhouse Add Maths teacher Devarajen Sinanah.

Image via Beaconhouse Group of Schools

"But things turned around for me thanks to the dedication, patience, and encouragement of my parents, teachers, and peers who motivated and encouraged me to never give up and always try my best."

Nge also shared that he has ambitions of becoming a pharmacist, with the intention of developing new medication that can potentially save lives.

Looks like Malaysians can count on Nge to make the country proud in the near future!

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