40-Year-Old Man Arrested For Bringing His Pregnant 12-Year-Old "Wife" To The Hospital

The man tried to pass off the girl as a 20-year-old.

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A 40-year-old man from China has been arrested after taking a pregnant 12-year-old - whom he said is his "wife" - to a hospital for check-up

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The incident took place in the Xuzhou region of China, where the girl is reported to have turned up with the 40-year-old man and a woman who claimed to be the girl’s mother-in-law.

The man reportedly tried to pass off the youngster as a 20-year-old, but hospital staff had doubts and identified the girl as a "child"

Distressing photo shows the little girl’s huge baby bump and stretch marks.

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According to UK news site The Sun, A member of the hospital staff was quoted as saying: “It’s obvious she is just a child. She is certainly not anywhere near 20 years old.”

Doctors tried to question the girl were unable to get any answers from her, as she did not speak any Mandarin.

The young girl - who is believed to be no older than 12 years old and 3 months pregnant - was at the hospital for a routine check-up to ensure that her foetus was healthy.

Their suspicion is also said to have angered the husband

Girl (in blue) with her 40-year-old ‘husband’, in the white shirt, as he argues with hospital staff.

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He was quoted as saying: "I took her here to be examined - just do your job. Stop asking so many questions."

Medics immediately called the police when the two adults insisted on passing off the girl as a 20-year-old woman

The girl is believed to be three months pregnant.

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Police found the girl didn’t possess any form of identification and have determined she is not from China. She is likely instead to be a foreign national from Southeast Asia.

Investigators suspect that she was abducted or bought as a foreign bride.

Earlier this year, a Malaysian man avoided jail time by marrying his underaged rape victim:

There is real paedophile activity here in Malaysia and it's really disturbing:

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