"Heart Of Gold" - 13-Year-Old Chef Offers To Pay Half Of Man's Salary To Keep His Job

"Sometimes, a kid does better than the man in power."

Cover image via @danish.harraz (Instagram) & @laa1a (Twitter)

Young Malaysian celebrity chef Danish Harraz offered to pay for half a man's salary after his boss shared on social media that he could not afford to keep him any longer due to his struggling business

The boss, a cobbler from Melaka named Abdul Ghafur, shared on his personal Twitter account that he was sorry to let go of his employee, Mamat.

"Today's the last day of Mamat working here. I couldn't afford to pay him anymore. Life's hard since COVID-19 existed," Abdul Ghafur wrote on Saturday, 31 October.

"I held on to him this long because he has a wife and a kid. But I had to take this measure eventually," he said. He added that if anyone would like to help Mamat, they should message him for his contact details

The next day, Abdul Ghafur shared that his tweet gained the attention of 13-year-old Danish who said he would like to help the both of them

"I'm earning some income from my work. So if Abang is okay with it, Danish would like to pay for half of Abang Mamat's salary until December, as long as he can keep working with Abang. Is it okay?" asked Danish, a self-taught chef who is famous on social media for his fail-proof recipes as well as his charity work.

"Danish would like to help Abang Mamat keep his job. Is that okay?" he asked again, as can be seen in screenshots of the conversation shared by Abdul Ghafur on Twitter.

The boss of Kelinik Kasot, a shoe-mending business in Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, said he was grateful for the offer but could not accept it.

"To those who might be wondering, I didn't take his offer. Not for me, no," Abdul Ghafur said.

"Mamat has it harder than me. And I don't even know how long I'd take to recover Kelinik Kasot. And that's fine by me," he explained and added that Danish still insisted on helping Mamat personally.

Abdul Ghafur tweeted, "Sometimes, a kid does better than the man in power."

In their latest exchange on Twitter, it was decided that Danish would directly help Mamat by donating a sum of RM800

"After discussion, Abang Ghafur suggested that I personally gave aid to Abang Mamat instead of paying his salary," wrote Danish on his own account on Monday, 2 November.

"Danish has already contacted Abang Mamat and gave him a bit of help through Abang Ghafur," said the young Malaysian who has been actively helping other families affected by COVID-19 since the pandemic began through his charity group, Danish's Love and Support Crew.

"I hope this will lessen the burden for Abang Mamat's family a little."

Many netizens were inspired and moved to tears by Danish's kind deed

"Every time Danish does this, I always feel like crying with relief for whoever that receives his support and kindness," said a Twitter user.

"This kid has a heart of gold," commented another.

"I am crying buckets. You are an angel, Danish Harraz," said another netizen.

Let us remember to help the many Malaysians who have been struggling to make ends meet since the pandemic began:

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