13-Year-Old Dresses Up As Toyol And Scares Neighbours At Night For His YouTube Channel

The boy tried to hide but the white powder made him noticeable.

Cover image via The Jakarta Post

A 13-year-old boy was reprimanded in the wee hours of 14 July, after he dressed up as the urban legend 'toyol' and tried to scare residents of a neighbourhood in West Java, Indonesia

Police officers were making rounds at 2am when they stumbled upon the boy and his group of friends shooting a video

According to The Jakarta Post, the boy tried to run and hide but the white powder made him noticeable.

When the boy was caught, he was only wearing short pants and was covered in white powder.

The boy confessed that he only wanted to make a YouTube video with his friends

The police team's chief First Inspector Winam Agus told kompas.com: "We told him not to repeat such behaviour. Some residents got out of their house to check on what was happening; we asked some of them to take the boy home".

Image via Agensi

According to South-East Asian folklore, a toyol is a mischievous child-like spirit summoned by bomohs to do mischief

Often resembling a naked toddler, modern depictions often give it a goblin-like appearance with green or grey skin, pointed ears, and clouded eyes.

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