Teenage Sisters Passed Away In House Fire While Their Parents Delivered Food To Firemen

"I heard calls for help and then they fell silent."

Cover image via New Malaysian Post & Berita Harian

Two teenage siblings passed away on Sunday, 14 July, in a fire that destroyed their home in Jalan Utama Kampung Endah, Banting

Nur Salsabila (left) and Nur Ain Sumayyah (right).

Image via New Malaysian Post

The tragedy that took the lives of 13-year-old Nur Ain Sumayyah and 15-year-old Nur Salsabila occurred at 2.40am while their parents were not home, The Star reported.

Their uncle, who lives across the street, arrived home with his wife at 2.30am after closing their restaurant in Kanchong Darat.

Minutes later, he saw a bright light coming from his sister's house.

Khamijas Ngainan (left) and his wife (right) in front of the house that burned down.

Image via Berita Harian

He called out for his nieces and kicked down the back door of the wooden house, but the fire was too intense for him to enter, Utusan Online reported.

"I heard calls for help and then they fell silent," Khamijas Ngainan said, adding that he felt "helpless, frustrated, and guilty".

Image via Berita Harian

When the fire erupted, the girls' parents were delivering food to firemen battling a blaze at a chemical plant in Pulau Indah Industrial Park

"I was at home when I got the order to prepare food for the firemen. Before we went out to deliver the food, Maya and I hugged. I apologised for having to leave them behind as she had a fever," Seri Hayati told reporters at Banting Hospital.

The 48-year-old recalled her daughter's last words to her as, "It's okay Mum, I can look after myself. Besides, my sister is here too."

The two teenage girls with their mother Serihati (left).

Image via Berita Harian

"Maya and Salsa did everything together. They looked after each other," she added.

According to their father, Nur Salsabila's last WhatsApp message to him was a verse from the Quran: "Be not sad (or afraid), surely Allah is with us."

"It was almost like a sign that she would be gone forever," Mohd Fakrul Khair said while tearing up.

"I will print the screenshot of her message and keep it with me until my last breath," he added.

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