British Thai Model Claims Her Baby Was Snatched From Her By A Group Of Men

The model claimed that there were two policemen who were also involved in the incident.

Cover image via The Phuket News

A British Thai model had her baby snatched from her by a group of men in Thailand

According to the model and actress, Selina Pearce, one of the men who snatched Ayla was her estranged husband, Ditsadetch Kanokwiriyasanti.

The incident took place outside of a restaurant in Phuket on Friday, 12 July, as reported by Bangkok Jack.

The actress claimed she was reversing her car away from the restaurant when a group of men blocked her

Before Selina could react, one man entered the driver's seat and pinned her down while another entered the rear passenger seat and snatched the crying 16-month-old baby away from a nanny.

Selina also claimed that the group of men consisted of two policemen who tried to stop her from reaching Ditsadetch who was carrying Ayla.

“Ayla was crying, and I shouted out, ‘Don’t take my daughter away!" she said, adding that her husband said to meet him at the police station.

The 25-year-old model has since lodged a police report after the incident

Phuket News reported that when Selina arrived at Phuket City Police Station to file a report, only Ditsadetch's lawyer was present. 

According to the lawyer, the father was concerned that Ayla was not being treated well.

The model later left for the Phuket office of Damrongtham Centre (Ombudsman’s Office) at Phuket Provincial Hall to file another report.

Image via The Phuket News

A week earlier, the actress had moved to Phuket together with Ayla after she had a fall out with her husband in Bangkok

“Previously, we have had problems together. I decided to move to Phuket without informing my husband," she said, adding that she had never stopped Ditsadetch from seeing Ayla but just needed time to think about getting back together.

The model also shared that she would be hiring a lawyer to get custody over her daughter.

According to Lt Col Sakchai Chunyong of the Phuket City Police, the police will be carrying out their investigations and would speak to Ditsadetch for his statement.

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