14-Year-Old Girl Dies From Electrocution After Falling Asleep While Charging Handphone

The phone was charging on her bed.

Cover image via China Times

A young Vietnamese woman was electrocuted while sleeping in bed next to her charging phone

Image via China Times

According to China Times, the deceased was revealed as 14-year-old Le Thi Xoa.
The teen’s body was covered in burns, clutching the charging cable for her iPhone 6 in hand.

Le had charged her phone the night before and placed it on her bed before going to sleep.

Investigations revealed that she was using a charger with frayed cables

Image via China Times

It’s believed that Le might have touched the cable while the phone was charging which led to the electrocution.

Authorities have yet to verify if Le was using a third-party charger or an original Apple charger. 

While it is still unknown what kind of charger she had, other incidents involving handphones have been caused by third-party chargers that cause overheating or electric shocks

Photo for illustration purposes only.

Image via Irish Phone Detector

Back in May, a 19-year-old boy from Melaka was found dead in his room while sleeping with his phone. His mother tried to wake him up at 7am but there was no response. After unlocking his door, she found her son lying motionless in his bed.

The boy had both headphones on which were hooked up to his phone. He was also charging his phone at the same time with a power bank.

You can bear to part with your phone for a few hours when you’re asleep ok?

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