140 People Have Died In Road Accidents Within Eight Days Of Ops Selamat

Ops Selamat 15 was launched on 29 May.

Cover image via New Straits Times

Over 140 deaths by accidents nationwide have been recorded in the first eight days of Ops Selamat 15

Berita Harian reported that Selangor recorded the highest number of fatalities at 22, followed by Johor with 19 fatalities, and Kedah with 15 fatalities.

Ops Selamat 15 began on 29 May and will end on 12 June.

It focuses on six major offences, which are:
- driving on the emergency lane,
- overtaking on double lines,
- using handphones,
- queue jumping,
- speeding, and
- beating traffic lights.

The first day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri alone recorded 20 fatalities on the road

Bukit Aman corporate communications head Datuk Asmawati Ahmad.

Image via Saddam Yusoff/New Straits Times

"Yesterday, four fatalities were reported in Kedah, Perak and Johor, three in Selangor, two in Pahang, and one each in Negri Sembilan, Kelantan and Sabah," said Bukit Aman corporate communications head Datuk Asmawati Ahmad, reported New Straits Times.

Overall, the number of road accidents recorded during this eight-day period stands at 13,316

"Selangor still records the highest number of accident cases with 3,755 accidents, followed by Johor (2,032), Kuala Lumpur (1,725), Pulau Pinang (1,112) and Perak (1,005)," said Datuk Asmawati, reported Berita Harian.

She also added that 182,755 summonses have been given out during this period.

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