Man In Kota Tinggi Sentenced To 81 Years In Jail For Raping And Molesting His Own Daughter

He also got eight strokes of the rotan.

Cover image via Zain Ahmed/New Straits Times

A 50-year-old father in Kota Tinggi was recently sentenced to a total of 81 years in jail and eight strokes of the rotan for raping and molesting his teenage daughter

The 50-year-old father and uncle at the Sessions Court in Kota Tinggi yesterday, 24 October.

Image via Zain Ahmed/New Straits Times

According to a report by New Straits Times (NST), the ordeal started when she was only 11-years-old and it lasted for four years. The girl is now 17 years old. 

The elderly man was slapped with five charges, namely:  

- Committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature through oral sex
- Two rape charges 
- Two charges of using criminal force to outrage the modesty of the victim

The father of six had allegedly committed the offences between 2011 and 2015 at his house in Taman Sri Saujana and a relative's flat in Felda Air Tawar 3

The English daily reported that Judge Zahilah Muhammad Yusoff sentenced the man to 28 years in jail and three strokes of the rotan for committing incest on his daughter at his house in March 2012, and another 25 years' jail and three strokes of rotan for incest with the girl at his relative's flat in November 2014. 

The third sentence - six years in jail - was for using criminal force to outrage his daughter's modesty at the relative's house in October 2014 and another seven years for committing the same offence at the same location in February 2015. 

The man, who is deaf, was also slapped with 15 years in jail and two strokes of the rotan for committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature through oral sex at his house in May 2011. 

Judge Zahilah ordered the sentences to run consecutively. 

The teenage girl was also sexually assaulted by her own uncle, a 36-year-old contract worker. He was sentenced to five years in jail for outraging the girl's modesty at the house in Felda Air Tawar 3.

"The father is supposed to the protector of his daughter, yet he betrayed this trust. This also applies to the uncle," said Deputy Public Prosecutor Noor Dayana Mohamad, when asking for heavy punishment for both men, stressing that they've ruined her future. 

It was reported that the victim had earlier confided in her mother about the sexual assaults, but it was only when she told her aunt about it later, did the assaults end

The aunt had immediately lodged a police report on the matter on 2 September 2017 and the victim was brought in for a medical examination at the Sultan Ismail Hospital on the same day. 

The doctors found that the girl had an old tear in her hymen. Her father and uncle were arrested the day after. 

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