19-Year-Old Delivery Boy Gets Crushed To Death By Lift Doors In Penang

Mohammad Shahrukh Khan Mohd Mydin was found stuck on the third floor of a nasi kandar restaurant.

Cover image via Sin Chew Daily

A 19-year-old teenage boy was delivering meat for a nasi kandar in Georgetown, Penang when he was caught stuck between closing doors of a service lift yesterday, 23 September

Northeast District Police chief ACP Che Zaimani Che Awang revealed that the victim, Mohammad Shahrukh Khan Mohd Mydin, was found stuck on the third floor of the restaurant during the 10am incident.

Image via SinChewDaily

The victim was pronounced dead on the spot as a result of severe head injuries

Bernama reported that the boy's body was removed by the Fire and Rescue Department before being sent to the Penang hospital for post-mortem.

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Image via fire-engine

Chief police Che Zaimani added that the case has been classified under sudden death, as early investigations had not shown any foul play.

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