19-Year-Old Dies After Theme Park Ride Breaks In Half Mid-Air And Crashes To The Ground

Seven others survived the incident, which took place on Friday, 28 June.

Cover image via Noy/YouTube

Terrifying footage showing a flying saucer ride snapping in half while swinging mid-air at a funfair in Uzbekistan has made headlines this week

Metro reported that a 19-year-old girl was killed in the tragedy, which took place at Istiklol Amusement Park in Jizzakh on Friday, 28 June. 

Seven others survived the incident.

Image via Noy/YouTube
Image via Noy/YouTube

Riders were strapped in and flung into the air when the metal arm broke apart at a height of 23ft (approximately 7m), sending its passengers crashing to the ground

Bystanders could be heard screaming in the background during the 17-second video.

It ended with the seating platform collapsing on the ground.

Image via Noy/YouTube

The ride was reportedly installed in March this year

Metro revealed that a critical report regarding the amusement park's safety emerged in May.

In July 2017, a similar tragedy occurred when an 18-year-old boy was killed after a ride malfunctioned at Ohio State Fair.

News 5 Cleveland reported that Tyler Jarrell was pronounced dead at the scene.

Watch the Uzbekistan incident below:

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