19-Year-Old Student In Johor Arrested While "On Patrol" In Full PDRM Attire At 3AM

The college student bought all the police equipment from online stores.

Cover image via Twitter @My_CrimeWatch

A 19-year-old college student, clad in full Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) uniform, was arrested for impersonating a policeman in Johor yesterday, 2 February

According to theSundaily, the student was posing as a police officer carrying out "crime prevention patrol" on Jalan Kluang, Batu Pahat at 3am yesterday.

Shortly after, he was spotted by real policemen who were on duty to curb illegal racing.

Image via Oriental Daily

Despite being an impostor, he walked towards the real officers and introduced himself as an officer from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) intelligence unit

The aspiring policeman claimed that he was sent by the Johor police headquarters to the area for a mission, reported China Press.

But the policemen found the man suspicious due to his young age and asked him to produce his police authority card

Image via Oriental Daily

The policemen ran a check on his motorcycle registration number too.

When he failed to produce his police authority card, he was arrested right away.

The officers later found that the impostor was carrying various police paraphernalia, including a toy gun

Image via Oriental Daily

China Press reported that he was carrying fake police credentials, a toy gun, a bulletproof vest, a police cap, three small tactical knives, a flashlight, and a handcuff key.

He allegedly made a fake police authority card from a sample he downloaded online.

It is learned that the vocational college student from Pasir Gudang purchased all the items from online stores.

Investigators put him through various tests and found that he was not intoxicated by drugs or alcohol during the incident. He was also found to be mentally stable.

The student allegedly dreams of becoming a police officer, which led him on a shopping spree for all things PDRM

He confessed that it was his first time going on "patrol duty" while donned in full PDRM uniform.

According to Oriental Daily, he is detained until 5 February. The case is currently being investigated under:

- Section 171 of the Criminal Code for impersonating a public servant, 
- Section 36 (1) of the Arms Act 196 for possession or custody of an imitation arm, and 
- Section 89 (a) of the Police Act 1967 for unlawful possession of police uniform.

Photos of the impostor's arrest went viral on Twitter, where policemen were seen smiling while posing with him

Last month, the Ministry of Health issued a scam alert, cautioning the public to be aware of fake doctors:

Know your rights when you're stopped by a police officer:

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