2 Siblings Taken From PJ Kindergarten: Family Suspects Their New Zealander Mum

"We have tried contacting her but she has not been cooperative."

Cover image via Halim Salleh/NST Online

In the case of the two siblings who were kidnapped from their Petaling Jaya kindergarten on Friday morning, the family suspects that it was most likely the kids' biological mother who is behind it

It's been more than 48 hours and the family is yet to know their whereabouts.

According to their aunt, Najmah Mohd Haslam, told NST Online that the family suspects that the children were most likely taken away by their biological mother.

Her brother had divorced the mother back in 2016, Najmah said.

"We believe that their mother, who is a New Zealander, might be behind the sibling's disappearance but we cannot gain access to the CCTV recording from the kindergarten, to confirm this," she was quoted as saying by NST Online.

On 9 March, the kids were taken by a woman who came with two other men in a white MPV and took them away in the 9am incident

This is the kindergarten in PJ from where Raheel and her sister Aleya are believed to have been taken away by their own mother during the school session.

The aunt claims that the family has never stopped the mother from seeing the kids after they moved to Shah Alam after the divorce

Considering that, the mother should at least have informed the family, she said.

When asked why does the family suspect that it was the mother who took the kids, Najmah said that since the incident, the family had tried to contact the mother but she hasn't been cooperative by not answering their calls, etc.

"She has even blocked our calls and messages. This reaction from her increases our suspicions that the children might be with her," Najmah told NST Online, adding that they are worried because the mother may take the children back to New Zealand.

The family has lodged a police report

"I really hope that the police can help us recover the CCTV recording or just show it to us, for us to be sure that the children are safe with their mother," NST Online quoted the aunt as saying, who added that her brother, the kids' father, "hasn't slept since the day they were taken and is worried about their safety."

Police, on the other hand, said the case was under investigation, adding that it's "too soon" for them to make any conclusion

"Give us time to investigate," district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Zani Che Din was quoted saying by NST Online.


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