2 Tourists Expose Sabah Diving Instructor For Sexual Assault Under Water

The duo decided to recount the assault after failing to receive the compensation they were promised.

Cover image via Weibo/Mafengwo (edited)

Two Chinese women recently revealed their experience of being sexually assaulted by a diving instructor in Semporna, Sabah

The travel agency located in Dragon Inn Floating Resort.

Image via Mafengwo

China Press reported that the women were in Sabah last month to experience diving. 

The duo, who had stayed in Dragon Inn Floating Resort, were assigned with a 29-year-old male diving instructor by a travel agency attached to the resort.

The sexual assault began as soon as they went deep diving

One of the victims posing with the instructor prior to the incident.

Image via Weibo

"He kept hitting my right butt cheek, and I thought he was signaling me to keep moving forward... It was my first time diving and I did not know if it was okay to do that," one victim recounted, according to TouchTV.

"He kept hitting my butt nonstop, and grabbed it as well," she added.

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The assault was captured on camera by the victims.

The assault was captured on camera by the victims.

Image via TouchTV

Another victim also revealed that the man had groped her breasts. 

"He kept holding my hand, and the oxygen tank was on my back... He grazed (my breasts) once but I thought it was an accident," she said.

"He eventually groped my breasts a few times," the victim added.

The women reported the incident to the travel agency, and were promised RMB3,000 (approximately RM1,840) in compensation

An 'agreement' was drawn up by the travel agency, promising to compensate the victims for the incident. 

The document reads, "Within 30 days of this agreement, the accused has to pay the victims RMB3,000". 

The 'agreement' drawn up between the victims and the diving instructor.

Image via TouchTV

It also states that following the complete payment, the victims will not be allowed to take further action against the man.

However, China Press reported that the women decided to expose the diving instructor as they have not received the compensation as promised.

The victims also urged women who are interested in going to Malaysia for diving to be wary of such behaviour.

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