20-Year-Old Grabs Attacker By His Hair And Drags Him To The Cops

"No one came forward to help."

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20-year-old Pradnya Mandhare from the Indian city of Bombay is being hailed as a heroine for doing what the Indian society tells its victims of sexual assault NOT to do.

She didn't let the culture that tells a woman it was her fault that she was molested/raped. She didn't shut up.

Instead, she ignored these cultural standards and single-handedly hauled her attacker to the police by grabbing him by his hair – while dozens of people did nothing to help.

Pradnya Mandhare

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According to the Telegraph, Pradnya was travelling home after a day of classes at Sathaye College, in the Bombay suburb of Vile Parle, when she was approached by an obviously drunken man.

She told the Telegraph that a "visibly drunk person came to [her] and touched [her] inappropriately" while she was commuting home in broad daylight. She defended herself against the man's attack by hitting him with her bag, and eventually caught him by his hair.

Drug addict and alcoholic Kubernath Chauhan.

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The station was crowded with people, but Pradnya's fellow travellers did not move to help her. "No one came forward to help. People stopped to stare, but no one bothered to even ask what was going on," Pradnya told the Telegraph.

"Dragging him by the hair and walking was tough, because he was trying to escape and I was afraid he would attack me," she added.

Pradnya acknowledged that her choice to involve the police is a step victims of sexual assault often avoid because filing a police report can be a difficult process and the police themselves can be "uncooperative," but she ultimately believes that "every woman should fight back in such cases and they should not keep quiet."

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Meanwhile, her attacker who is a drug addict and was also drunk when the incident took place, has been released on bail by a railway court, according to a report on the Times of India.

If you're wondering what motivates a man to rape/molest someone, here's what they themselves have to say:

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