21-Year-Old Law Student Jumps To Her Death On Exam Day

21-year-old Tieu Hooi Theng left a message for her family members before leaping from the 18th floor of the Menara UMNO building in Georgetown, Penang.

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A 21-Year-Old College Student Fell To Her Death From The Menara UMNO Building In Georgetown On 12 May 2014

Menara UMNO in Georgetown.

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A college student in her 20s fell to her death from a 21-storey building at Jalan Macalister here today.

Tieu Hooi Theng Leaped From The 21-Storey Building And Was Found Sprawled On The Ground At About 8am By A Security Guard

In the 8.05am incident, the body of the student was found lying in a pool of blood on a building's zinc, right beside Menara Umno, where she was presumed to have fallen from.

Fire And Rescue Services Department Says Tieu Sustained Fatal Head And Abdominal Injuries

She was found to have sustained fatal head and abdominal injuries by a rescue unit from the Fire and Rescue Services Department that rushed there upon getting an emergency phone call.

A forensic officer at the mortuary confirmed that the cause of death was ‘multiple injuries due to a fall from height’.

The Impact Of Tieu's Fall Damaged A Zinc Roof Of An Empty Storage Building Beside Menara UMNO

The site beside the Menara Umno building in Macalister Road where Tieu fell to her death.

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“The impact had also damaged a zinc roof of an empty storage building beside the Menara Umno,” the Star quoted the guard as saying.

Police Found A Pair Of Shoes, A Handphone, And A Car Key On The 18th Floor Of The Building

George Town OCPD Asst Comm Mior Faridalatrash Wahid said initial investigations found a pair of shoes, a handphone and a car key on the 18th floor of the 21-storey high building. “The victim is believed to have fallen from the 18th floor corridor based on the location where the items were found.

Tieu Left A Suicide Note For Her Family In Her Perodua Viva, Apologising For Being Useless and Naughty

“Mother… father ... please take care. Eldest and second brother, please take care of our parents. I am sorry for being useless. I am sorry that I have to be ‘naughty’ this time. I love you all.”

The note written in Mandarin was found in a Perodua Viva belonging to law student Tieu Hooi Theng (pic), 21, who had earlier fallen to her death from the 18th floor of Menara Umno in Macalister Road here on Monday. Her car was parked beside the building in Jalan Zainal Abidin.

According To The Police, The Law Student Was Supposed To Sit For An Exam On The Day She Committed Suicide

According to a statement from the police, the victim is believed to be a student of a college that operates in Menara Umno. It is understood that she was scheduled to sit for an examination today.

When contacted, the college spokesperson said Tieu, a first year Bachelor of Law student, was diligent and hardworking. “Tieu was to sit for her first exam today (Monday). “She came to college early in the morning even before any of our staff were at the college. “The incident came to a shock to all of us,” she said.

Tieu Did Not Want To Sit For The Exam, But Her Father Insisted That She Did

“We managed to inform the victim’s family members and we found that the victim was supposed to sit for an exam today (Monday) but she refused to do so. “We learnt that her father had insisted that the victim sit for the examination,” ACP Mior Faridalatrash said in a statement.

The Youngest Of Three Siblings, Tieu Was Said To Have Had A History Of Being Nervous For Exams

Northeast district police chief ACP Farid Mior Alatrash said the deceased Tieu Hooi Theng from Taman Mesra, Butterworth, was believed to be a law student and stressed over her college examination today.

She was the youngest among three siblings.

A family member, who declined to be named, said since young, Tieu had a history of being nervous when she was about to sit for her exams. “Her family did not pressure her. The family had always advised her to calm down and not to be too nervous,” she said.

Tieu Jumped From The Same UMNO Building That Collapsed And Killed Several During A Freak Storm In June 2013

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