22-Year-Old Man Steals Metal Bus Stop Bench To Design His Own Home Furniture

He wanted his home interior to resemble a bus stop.

Cover image via Vernon Lee/Yahoo News SIngapore

A 22-year-old Singaporean man was found guilty yesterday, 9 October for stealing an entire metal bench from a bus stop

Tan Ke Wei stole the bench from a bus stand in June last year because he wanted to use it to design his home's interior.

The bus bench was worth SGD1,500 (RM4,500), according to Singapore's Land Transport Authority.

While waiting for the bus, Tan used his bare hands to unscrew all eight metal bolts that held the bench down

He then placed the bench into a trash bag and took a taxi home.

Unfortunately for Tan, an eyewitness saw him pulling the stunt and alerted the police. The police then tracked Tan down and found the bench in his apartment. 

Example of the metal bench that was stolen.

Image via Vernon Lee/Yahoo News Singapore

Tan said he thought the bench looked nice and took it home to use as measurements to order a similar seat from a supplier

According to The Straits Times, the young man wanted his home interior to resemble a bus stop.

Tan's lawyer Ashraf Hassan said that his client had no malicious intentions. He claimed that Tan even tightened the bolts back into the screws that were on the ground, so that commuters wouldn't trip on them.

For his crime, Tan was sentenced to seven days of Short Detention Order. Although according to Yahoo News, he could have been jailed for up to two years and/or fined.

Meanwhile, netizens seem to be more concerned about the price of the bench

While others offered alternative places to look for home furniture

In recent similar news, people have been facing serious charges in Malaysia for stealing eggs and Nescafe packets:

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