22-Year-Old Woman Fights With A Naked Stranger Who Was Hiding Under Her Bed

Police are currently tracking down the attacker.

Cover image via Coconuts Bangkok/Ake Srisuwan

A man in Thailand recently broke into a woman's house, stripped naked, hid under her bed, and waited for her to get home to rape her

A 22-year-old waitress, whose identity is protected by police, arrived home after a late-night shift on 18 March in Loei, Thailand.

Coconuts Bangkok reported that she reached home at around 4am and noticed that her house lights were not working.

Image via Workpoint News

As she attempted to turn on her bedroom lights, a man came out from under her bed and grabbed her

He was allegedly 170cm tall, naked, and holding a six-inch kitchen knife. 

According to Thai Rath as translated by Coconuts Bangkok, the woman fought off the attacker for 10 minutes, while screaming for help from nearby neighbours.

Fearing he would get caught, the perpetrator fled the scene leaving behind his clothes, red underwear, knife, and condoms

Police later found three methamphetamine tablets in his pants pocket, according to Workpoint News as translated by Coconuts Bangkok.

The portal was told by police that rope was also found near the victim's bed, presumably to tie the woman up.

The woman was left with a cut on her left cheek and suffered a mild head trauma from the fight.

An investigative team is currently tracking down the assailant

According to Coconuts Bangkok, Pol. Maj. Reungyot Phudanu told news portal Thai Rath that the man might have known that the woman lived alone and was observing her for some time prior to the attack.

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