Survey: Malaysians Are #1 Fans Of Their Food But The Rest Of World Don't Like It As Much

The survey was conducted on 25,000 respondents from 24 countries.

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An international study on global cuisines has found that while Malaysians are biggest fans of their own cuisine, Malaysian food is not a huge hit with people from other countries

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According to Business Insider Malaysia, the survey - conducted by UK market research company YouGov on 25,000 respondents from 24 countries between May and December last year - concluded that Malaysian cuisine only received an average popularity score of 48% among non-Malaysians

Patriotically, 97% of Malaysian respondents enjoy Malaysian food, with 83% noting that they like it "a lot". 

Out of the 34 national cuisines surveyed in the study, Malaysian cuisine ranks in the 20th spot, behind Singapore (18th) and Indonesia (19th)

Italian cuisine proves to be the most popular around the world, with an average popularity rating of 84%, followed by Chinese (78%) and Japanese cuisine (71%). 

Check out the full ranking of global cuisines here: 

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Despite the never-ending "conflict" between Malaysians and Singaporeans over our shared food cultures, our neighbours across the causeway are actually the second biggest fans of Malaysian food, with 91% saying they like it

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With the exception of Australia, most of the people who liked Malaysian food are all from Asian countries.

More than 60% of respondents from Philippines, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Indonesia who have tried Malaysian food enjoyed it. 

Europeans are not particularly receptive to Malaysian cuisine, with Italians being the harshest critic at a mere 21% popularity rating

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Ironically, Italian food is Malaysians' third favourite cuisine (tying with Chinese and Singaporean food) with 74% of Malaysian respondents indicating their appreciation.

Other countries who are not exactly on Team Sedap include Finland, France, the US, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Spain, and Saudi Arabia. 

You can see the full results of YouGov's Global Cuisine Survey here. In the meantime, we're just gonna continue enjoying our amazing local cuisine:

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Foreigners may not be big fans of our local cuisine, but those who've been overseas know what it's like to crave for Malaysian food when they're abroad:

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