22-Year-Old Woman From Setapak Missing For A Week After Leaving Family Doubtful Message

The insurance agent has been missing since 5 April.

Cover image via 雪州网 MySelangor (Facebook)

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It has been a week since the disappearance of 22-year-old insurance agent, Chia Min Yong, and as of writing, there has still been no news of her whereabouts

According to China Press, the woman from Setapak has been missing since last Tuesday, 5 April.

Chia's family and boyfriend told the Chinese daily that they last saw her going out to meet a client that evening, as she always did, and nothing had seemed amiss.

However, after she did not come home that night and they could not contact her because her phone was switched off, the family decided to lodge a report to the police at the Rawang police station.

"Her phone's geolocation indicated she was at the same place from 7pm on the day she went missing, until 12am when I left work, that's when I felt something was wrong," Chia's boyfriend, Lucas Chan, told China Press.

"Even if she was in a bad mood, she would still tell her family and me of her whereabouts," he said, adding that she would usually see clients for no more than two hours.

Before she became uncontactable, Chia's mother had received a lengthy text message from her daughter admitting that she was doing badly at work

Chia had allegedly disclosed that she has been having financial difficulties, and has not had money for food for the past three months.

She also said she was leaving home to find a higher-paying job "somewhere a little far".

"Honestly, the money I've had since New Year's has all been borrowed. But I want to be good to you and Dad. I'm sorry for leaving home to find a job," she said.

"I'm already grown up now. Please let me be free, just like father has let me go."

The message ended with the following: "Don't call me, I've made up my mind. My luggage and passport have been prepared. You'll just scold me if you call."

"I'll switch off my phone first and contact you again in a few days to let you know I'm safe. I love you, Mummy."

The family does not believe that Chia has run away from home and are worried that she may have been coerced and held against her will

The family said, while her passport is missing, Chia had not taken any of her other belongings, clothes, or luggage with her, nor had she quit her current job. The car she had been driving has also been found in Setapak and the police have said there are no records of her leaving the country.

However, the family is not ruling out the chance that she may have chosen to cut contact due to personal struggles.

"We miss you very much. Come back soon. Mum and Dad won't blame you," they said.

SAYS reached out to Minnie, Chia's sister-in-law, who said the family has yet to receive any updates about Chia's whereabouts as of today, 12 April.

If you have any information regarding the case, do contact the Rawang police headquarters at +603-60916222.

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