Rapid KL Investigates Bus Captain For Allegedly Closing Doors On A Running Passenger

"The bus wasn't even full," said an onlooker.

Cover image via @azlanalanlan (Twitter) & New Straits Times

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Rapid Bus, the operator of Rapid KL's bus service, has launched an investigation into a bus captain who was accused online for shutting its doors on a passenger

On Saturday, 9 April, Twitter user @azlanalanlan claimed a bus driver allegedly drove off despite seeing a man trying to get on.

"This Rapid driver is so rude. [This man] tiredly ran after the bus and when he reached the doors, you closed it on him. The bus wasn't even full," said the onlooker, who also posted a photo of a man waiting at an empty bus stop.

The Twitter user told SAYS that the incident happened at the bus stop just before Petron on Jalan Klang Lama, Petaling Jaya at around 3.10pm. He added that he was not sure why the bus did not stop for the man.

Image via Twitter

The tweet went viral, garnering over 16,000 retweets and hundreds of comments from people having similar experiences with the public transportation service

"Hi Rapid, this thing always happens to me too. [It's the] bus that heads to Lebuh Ampang. Please advise the drivers to stop doing this to people. There was once I wanted to cry. It's tiring, you know," said a user.

Image via Twitter

Another user said, "Stop being rude and doing this to people. My mother and I were treated like this before. It was my mistake that I could not get on the bus, otherwise I would have thrown water at your driver. My mother chased the bus while carrying things until her knees hurt."

"Look at this man at the bus stop, don't you pity him? Stupid."

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, another netizen said, "Rapid KL drivers really are mostly rude, especially to foreigners. Besides that, they also drive like they do not want to live to see tomorrow and use emergency break until passengers feel like falling. But the ones that are good, are really good too."

Image via Twitter

Addressing the social media post, Rapid Bus said they are in the midst of identifying the driver to take further action

"We take the claims about the alleged incident seriously, as it involves the ethics and responsibility of a Rapid Bus employee. If found guilty, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken," the company said in a Facebook post yesterday, 10 April.

They said preliminary investigations of the bus' black box has only indicated that the vehicle did stop at the bus stop on Jalan Klang Lama.

Rapid Bus said they will further examine closed-circuit television (CCTV) recordings and interview the bus captain to complete their investigation.

"[We] apologise for this incident and promise that appropriate follow-up action will be taken to ensure such incidents will not happen again."

They also appealed to any witnesses to the incident or anyone with related information to contact the Rapid KL helpline at +603-78852585 to assist in the investigation.

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Image via New Straits Times

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