23-Year-Old Teacher Goes Viral Because People Can't Get Enough Of His Face

Forever young.

Cover image via Ian Francis Manga/Facebook & GMA Public Affairs/YouTube

This is Ian Francis Manga, a 23-year old teacher in the Philippines

Ian is no average teacher. In fact, he recently shot to Internet stardom because of his unique baby face.

In an interview with GMA Public Affairs, Ian shared that he teaches kindergarten and grade three students at Mater El-Roi School Inc, a private school in San Jose del Monte City.

"I feel like an older brother to my students as we always play," he told the news portal, adding that he is strict when he needs to be.

At 22, Ian passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers in the Philippines and began teaching soon after.

However, things were not always easy for him while he was studying, as he was often mistaken for looking like his classmate's younger brother or child.

The young man did not let that bring him down and worked hard. He ended up among the 27% in his batch to pass the exam.

The 23-year-old revealed that his stunted growth was due to frequently falling ill from young

He also explained that he did not experience puberty like other teenagers and did not grow any facial hair. 

However, to this day, Ian has never consulted a doctor on his condition.

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