24-Year-Old Proposes To Boyfriend With A Bouquet Of Flowers, House Deed, And Keys To A BMW

Now that's some marriage proposal.

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Recently, a woman in China asked her boyfriend for marriage

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Now, that's not the news. It's the way the 24-year-old did it.

The woman, Xiao Jing from Henan province in China, proposed to her boyfriend, Xiao Ke, on 11 December 2019 — with the deed to a house and keys to a BMW.

According to a report in Sing Tao Daily, she prepared the surprise proposal for him on their one-year anniversary at a cultural exhibition in Henan, where the boyfriend had first asked her out.

Xiao Jing presented Xiao Ke a bouquet containing flowers, a title deed, and a BMW car key.

The special bouquet.

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How she planned the surprise proposal

The woman had asked her boyfriend that she needed him to pick something up for her from the cultural exhibition place, which she had arranged to be decorated with balloons and flowers.

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Once Xiao Ke arrived at the hall, Xiao Jing walked down the corridor, dressed in a white wedding gown while holding the special bouquet that her family and friends helped make.

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As Xiao Jing presented the bouquet to Xiao Ke, she asked:

"I prepared all of this. There's a car and a house deed here.

"It doesn't matter if you have them or not, I still want to be with you. Will you marry me?"

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And Xiao Ke accepted the proposal without hesitation

"This is so unexpected. Yes, I will," Xiao Ke, who was surprised by his girlfriend's proposal, replied as he hugged her, according to a report in Shibao.

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Meanwhile, speaking to reporters after the proposal, Xiao Jing, who works in the design field, said that money isn't important to her

"What I want — more than material goods — is love," she was quoted as saying.

"I don't think that it always has to be the man in the relationship providing [a house and car]. More than that, I want him to be devoted and caring after our marriage.

"He's usually the one taking care of me and making sacrifices for me. I really want to do something for him. With regard to material possessions, I'm able to provide it, so that's okay," Xiao Jing said.

Happy tears.

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