24-Year-Old Survives Being Shot Twice By Gunman On Motorcycle At An Eatery In Tumpat

The broad daylight shooting happened when the man was eating with two friends.

Cover image via NSTP

On Friday, 20 September, a broad daylight shooting happened when a man was eating with his two friends at an eatery in Tumpat

The man, aged 24, was shot twice by an unidentified gunman on a motorcycle.

The victim was hit on the thigh and arms. He, however, managed to run to a nearby house to shield himself from the gunman, who then fled the scene.

Image via NST Online

The shooting incident took place at an eating outlet at Kampung Neting, near Pengkalan Kubor in Kelantan at about 3.15pm

According to a report in NST Online, while the victim and his two friends were having a meal, a man on a motorcycle pulled up and opened fire.

The gunman fired three shots which caused the outlet's patrons to flee helter-skelter.

Image via Utusan

Kelantan Criminal Investigation Department (CID) head ACP Wan Khairuddin Wan Idris said that the victim's two friends, both in their 20s, also managed to escape the incident without being harmed

According to him, while the gunman pursued the victim as he ran, he gave up and fled when his target took cover at a nearby house.

ACO Wan Khairuddin said that the victim was sent to Tumpat Hospital for treatment and is reported to be in stable condition. He also urged witnesses and anyone with information on the incident to contact the nearest police station.

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