CCTV Shows Shopkeepers Using Sofa And TV Cabinet To Fight Off Parang-Wielding Robbers

The male shopkeeper dropped a TV cabinet on one of the robbers. Yet, they did not back off.

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A three-minute video showing two parang-wielding robbers breaking into a furniture shop has gone viral

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The viral video was shared over 1,600 times on Facebook at the time of writing. 

The robbers rode to the front of the shop in a motorcycle and charged to the front door

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Fortunately, a male shopkeeper was there in time to hold back the glass door. But he could not win against the two men in the game of tug-of-war.

He then pulled a two-seater sofa behind him to block the door and even picked up a side table to shove it at the incoming robbers

A female shopkeeper stepped in to help too, but both of the victims quickly backed off once the robbers walked past the door.

In self-defence, the male shopkeeper picked up a TV cabinet, rather effortlessly, and dropped it on an approaching robber.

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Even that did not stop the robbers as they continued charging in while brandishing machetes in their hands

The robbery was captured in full view as there were multiple cameras around the furniture shop.

The timestamp of the CCTV indicated that the incident happened on 14 September, at about 1.55pm.

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This frightening robbery was eventually picked up by Chinese news site Kwong Wah but it was not reported where the incident happened.

The Chinese daily wrote that both of the shopkeepers were unhurt in the incident after offering all the valuables in the shop for the robbers to take.

Many netizens tagged the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) in the comments, urging action against the robbers.

"It's straight up like a lawless state," a netizen chastised.

Another added, "Hope government polis must catch the robber and send them to prison jail must punishment and canning stroke. (sic)"

You can watch the full video below:

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