This Website Allows You To Publicly Shame Companies That Don't Pay Their Interns

"Interns need to eat too."

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You can now put an end to unpaid or underpaid internships by reporting it directly to the Ministry of Youth and Sports through a new portal

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Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman made the recent announcement of the platform to ensure that interns receive proper income from government agencies and private companies.

The news came following a Twitter user's complaint questioning why several government agencies still refused to pay its interns.

Here is how you can make a report:

Step one: Head to the portal and click on 'Laporkan Majikan' (Report Employer)

Step two: Fill in your personal details

Some of these details include:

- employer's name (company's name),
- employer's registration number,
- your total allowance received,
- the start and end of your internship dates, and
- work benefits (if any).

All of your personal and employer information is protected by the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and will not be disclosed to your employer.

The portal acts as as a channel for interns and fresh graduates to address the problem with the company

Information provided will be used as a stepping stone for the Ministry to contact the company and implement internship wages.

The move has been well received by Malaysians who believe that although internships are a learning experience, they should not be used as free labour

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You can check out the website here.

In August, Pakatan Harapan made the decision to increase internship allowances from RM300 to RM900 in government sectors:

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