Malaysian Asks Internet To Edit Out Passerby But Gets Trolled Instead

She asked and the Internet delivered... well, sorta.

Cover image via Facebook

On Malaysia Day, 16 September, Facebook user Iris Yeoh asked members of a Kuala Lumpur community group to edit her picture.

Little did she know she would start a Photoshop challenge.

Yeoh posted a picture of her in front of McDonald's Bukit Bintang, which recently changed its sign to its local nickname 'Mekdi'.

Sadly, a passerby walked into the shot and Yeoh wanted netizens' help to remove the person in the background.

The post has since gone viral with almost 6,000 likes and 1,400 comments.

Instead of helping Yeoh out, netizens made hilarious edits to the picture. Here are some of the best photos we found:

1. Passerby becomes the main subject instead

2. Face swap, bobblehead edition

3. Bossku pays a visit

4. The more the merrier

5. "You guys look better when y'all climb up there"

6. Wild Mekdi Golden Arches edits

7. When you get to the chopper too slow

8. Raja Bomoh joins the party

9. KFC crossover

10. You'll float too!

11. 'A' for effort

12. Malaysia Day outfit

Of course, a handful of netizens edited the picture to Yeoh's desire without trolling too

You can check out the rest of the masterpieces and the full post here.

Here are other times netizens have showed off their Photoshop skills:

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