Photoshopping Mr Bean's Face On All These Images Is So Disturbing But They're So, So Good

Someone needs to do 'Bean Laden'.

Cover image via ImGatton/chanmart



And they left the eyebrows on...

Beany Potter

Image via demizeus

Now THAT looks like the boy who can defeat the Dark Lord.

Avada Kedabean!

Image via demizeus

Maybe not this Dark Lord.

Image via Unknown

Who knew Mr. Bean had killer tatts and muscles underneath the wits...

Mr. Avatar

Image via shifty1776

He'll make you smile even when he's blue.

Teddy made an appearance in this one

Image via netodark2012

The painter must've taken too long to finish the portrait.


Image via chanmart

The Wolverbean is back!

He became ALL the characters in LOTR

Image via Adam13Hylo

Who knew LOTR could be a one-man-show.

Pirates of the Carib'bean'

It's "Captain" Bean.

The other gladiators ain't got nothing on him

Image via Rodney Pike

The Quean?

Image via Unknown

The Bean Swan

Image via vermontiscold

Megan Bean!

Image via ImGatton

"Hey sir, let me fix your car."

Star Trek III: The Search for Bean

Image via ariel9

Live long and prosper.

Captain Bean

Image via LeMortVivant

The Super Serum did him well!

The Iron Bean

Image via Unknown

Look at that face, you can tell he's a fighter.

Dr. Bruce Beanner

Image via MarcusAurelius


This might take you a few seconds

Image via Obseek

His green Mini never looked this fierce!

Bean Snow of the Night's Watch

Image via CaptainPicArt

Bean is coming...

Edward and Bealla

Image via sawatari213

True love.

When the joker became The Joker

Image via brunosm

Heath Ledger would be proud.


Image via Graphshot

My precioussss.

Bruce Bean!

Image via Beetle Bailey


Which one was your favourite Bean? Let us know in the comments down below!

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