It's Time To Talk About How Cats Aren't Cute. They Are All Evil

We are fur-real.

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1. They think that they are cute

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It does not make their evil deeds acceptable!

2. You know behind those sparkly eyes lies a deadly agenda

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3. They would attack you for no reason at all

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4. They don't understand purr-sonal space

5. They will never let you eat your gerai food in peace

6. They always come walking under your chair

7. They sleep on your car...

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Litter-ally and furr-guratively.

8. ... under your car ...

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9. ... in your car

10. They eat your dog’s food

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They think that they're su-purr-ior...

11. They push EVERYTHING off the table for the heck of it

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Seriously, what's their purr-blem?

12. They leave scratches wherever they go

13. When it comes to sex, they just can't keep their volume down

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And they don't stick with one partner, such in-fur-delity.

14. They are so sexually active and are always purr-regnant

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15. They give birth everywhere!!!

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This cat just straight up conquered a bird's nest!

16. Their noisy cat fights...

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17. And their noisy cat con-fur-ence that happens daily

18. They come to your house and sh#t in your garden

19. Their poop is just THE WORST SMELLING THING

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