3 Die On The Spot After Mat Rempits Taking Part In Street Race Lose Control

The families of the victims have urged people to not post their criticism online, saying that they just like to ride motorcycles.

Cover image via Screenshot/SAYS

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Earlier this morning, 17 July, three people were killed and three others severely injured at the Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway in Penang

One of the victims was identified as 22-year-old Muhamad Shazwan Hakim. The other two are 25-year-old Muhamad Eizreel Muhamad Roszadi and 19-year-old Ahmad Haikal Naif Ahmad Nazrul.

Among the three injured is Muhamad Shazwan's twin brother Muhamad Syazwan Hafis.

The bodies of the victims were sent to the Penang Hospital.

The 4.40am accident saw several mat rempit motorcyclists taking part in illegal street racing lose control and crash into each other and a car near the expressway's e-gate.

Several photos and videos of the horrific accident have since gone viral on both Twitter and Facebook.

In one of the videos, the mat rempits are seen crashing into a car

In other videos, a pile of damaged motorcycles are seen with a large gathering of people along the expressway after the accident

North East district police chief Soffian Santong has been informed about the incident.

However, so far, no official statement has been issued by the police.

Meanwhile, families of the victims urged people to not post their criticism online, saying that they just like to ride motorcycles

44-year-old Mashitah Md Isa, who is the mother of the twin brothers, Syazwan Hakim and Syazwan Hafis, told Sinar Harian that people should not make speculations regarding the accident.

"Don't criticize my son's death, he is a good boy," Mashitah said, echoing the sentiments of another mother, Shahiril Rohaiza Ramli, whose son Muhamad Eizreel Muhamad Roszaidi, also died at the scene.

Earlier this month, a self-identified mat rempit, Haqiem Stopa, was invited to give a talk at a school in Kuala Lumpur. He later clarified that he did not teach students how to ride motorcycles during his visit:

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