7 Firemen Were Needed To Rescue A 3-Year-Old Who Got Herself Stuck In A Washing Machine

The rescue effort lasted about 20 minutes.

Cover image via Borneo Post Online

A sneaky three-year-old girl got herself in a situation that she couldn't get herself out of when her father was not looking

The toddler used a stool and climbed into a washing machine at her parents home in Taman Pandan, Baluran, Kota Kinabalu yesterday, 1 November.

The act got the girl, identified as Afiah Faihah Zulkifli, stuck inside the dryer section.

Firemen were called in after the parents failed to get her out

According to Borneo Post Online, seven firemen were dispatched with a fire rescue truck from Beluran Fire and Rescue Department after they received a distress call.

The rescue effort, led by Operation Commander, PB Muhamad Radif Barhim, took about 20 minutes to successfully free Afiah from the washing machine.

The team of seven firemen used detergent to make soapy water, which they poured over Afiah's body to slide her out

The soapy water made it easier to slip her out of the tight spot she had gotten herself into.
Operation Commander, PB Muhamad Radif Barhim.

The Star reported PB Muhamad saying that the toddler did not sustain any injury.

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