2 Men Were Caught On Video Allegedly Forcing And Robbing An Old Woman In Her Klang Home

The old woman, who is seen using a walking stick, can be heard crying out in pain.

Cover image via Kelvin Patrick/Facebook

A closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) footage of an alleged robbery at a house in Taman Klang Jaya, Klang has gone viral after it was uploaded by a Facebook user yesterday morning, 1 November

According to the timestamp of the CCTV footage, the alleged incident happened at 10.04am on Thursday, 31 October.

The footage, which is slightly above six and a half-minute long, shows the front porch of a house which has an automatic gate installed.

The gate opens when a red car shows up. The car is then seen entering the porch of the house and stopping under the shade.

However, before the automatic gate could close, a man is seen running out of a car from outside the gate and stepping inside the porch.

Once the man was inside, he opens the red car's door and gets the driver to reopen the automatic gate to allow his accomplice to enter

The first suspect is then seen giving his accomplice the key to the house.

As the second suspect goes to unlock the padlock on the door to the house, the first suspect is seen grabbing the driver, an old woman, by the back of her neck and arm.

He then starts forcing the old woman against her will to make her move.

The old woman, who is seen using a walking stick, can be heard crying out in pain as she is being forced inside the house at about the 3.40-minute mark of the footage.

Once inside the house, one of the suspects locks the door

The footage then continues to play as the car, in which the suspects had come, is seen to move out of the frame slowly. A couple of minutes later, the same car then enters the frame and is seen slowly driving past the automatic gate.

It would appear that the suspects' car was circling around the area, waiting for them.

However, it is not clear what happened to the old woman as the Facebook post didn't include any other details about the alleged robbery.

At the time of writing, the Facebook post was shared over 11k times with several dozen netizens reacting angrily to it

Watch the CCTV footage of the incident here:

Posted by Kelvin Patrick on Thursday, 31 October 2019

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