Man Who Livestreamed His Own Fall During Mount Fuji Hike May Have Been Found Dead

"I'm slipping," he shouted, while noise of his slide was heard in the video.

Cover image via Twitter @ponapona979

A climber recently made headlines after he was seen falling in a livestream video during his hike on Mount Fuji

The video, which was taken from a hiker's point of view, showed the man - known as TEDZU panting - sliding off the mountain as his phone and hiking gear slipped off.

It was posted on a video-sharing platform NicoNico with the title "Let's Go to Snowy Mt. Fuji," on Monday, 28 October.

"I'm rushing to the peak," he said while complaining about his cold fingers in the clip prior to the fall

"My fingers are killing me. But I have to operate my smartphone. I should have brought a hot pack," he admitted, according to Los Angeles Times.

All of a sudden footage became shakier and he shouted, "I'm slipping," while his climbing poles were seen thrown in the air before the video stopped.

People who were watching the livestream immediately notified authorities at 3.35pm on Monday.

On Wednesday, 30 October, rescuers found a body at an altitude of about 3,000 meters and are working to identify it

CNN reported that the victim's identity - name and address - is still unknown but police believe that the man could be the livestreamer, who went missing on Monday.

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Image via Oscar Boyd/The Japan Times

According to NHK World-Japan, Mount Fuji has been closed since September because it is especially dangerous when covered in snow. 

Locals were advised to avoid climbing the mountain during this period.

You can watch the video of the incident below:

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