[VIDEO] Driver Who Sent His Neighbour Flying In Car Park Claims He's Not At Fault

The incident happened earlier this month.

Cover image via Eunice Khoo/Facebook

A Facebook post by a woman detailing how a driver sent a resident flying in their condominium's car park has gone viral after it was posted yesterday, 30 October

Eunice Khoo said the incident happened on 10 October and expressed her disgust that the driver, who is said to be a lawyer, refused to acknowledge that he was at fault.

Her post, attached with two closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) footage of the incident and the lawyer's police report, has since been shared over 3,000 times.

The CCTV footage shows the alleged lawyer speeding and driving onto the pedestrian walkway before hitting the victim

In the first CCTV footage, the driver does not slow down before making a turn. His car was then seen driving over the pedestrian walkway, which was painted green.

In her Facebook post, Khoo claimed the driver only hit the brake after hitting the woman who was walking out.

"We also asked him why did he drive so fast in the car park but he then claimed that he did not speed at all," Khoo wrote.

"He also insisted that he shall take no responsibilities on this incident."

However, in his police report, the lawyer claimed that the woman appeared suddenly and did not use the zebra crossing available nearby

Responding to the alleged lawyer's claim, Khoo argued that the woman was already crossing the road even before the car reached the corner.

"So, if one is not driving fast, he would have stopped the vehicle in time or (else) the pedestrian would not have flown up (as shown in) the video even if she got hit," Khoo contended.

She stressed that the speed limit in the car park was 15km/h.

According to Khoo, what she found most unbelievable was that the lawyer twisted the fact in the police report

Khoo said it is a common reaction to ask if the victim was okay after an accident. However, she claimed that the lawyer not only did not show any concern, but scolded the victim instead.

"The first thing both the driver and passenger did when (they) first came down from the car was to scold the pedestrian.

"Yet in the police report, they twisted the fact saying that they actually asked the pedestrian if she needed to go to the hospital, but then she refused to answer, instead shouted for her partner to come over," Khoo said in reference to the lawyer's police report.

Khoo claimed that it was obvious the driver and the passenger did not care about the victim through their body language, where the passenger was seen resting her hands on the hips.

"(They were) standing at least 3 steps away from the victim with both the arms crossed. 

"Is that even an act of caring? Do you think a human being would offer help with such a posture? 

"They didn’t even go near to check on the pedestrian if everything was alright," Khoo said.

Khoo said the driver did not file a police report within 24 hours nor did he call the victim to check if she was okay

"(Until) today, the driver still has not texted or called to show any concern [to] the victim. Not even an apology till today," Khoo said.

Furthermore, we actually live under the same roof as neighbours.

"So... we have nothing else to comment on this incident. Just be careful at all times as you wouldn't want to be the next victim," Khoo concluded her lengthy post.

Thousands of netizens have flocked to the post to comment about the accident and most of them supported Khoo

"Just look at the impact on the girl! That is easily 40 to 50km/h speed. And why on earth did you not slow down at the corner?" one netizen criticised the driver.

Image via Facebook

Another netizen made a screenshot of the CCTV footage and pointed out that the driver drove over the pedestrian walkway.

"He drove over the green line during the turn. The green line is the pedestrian walkway. He didn't slow down too," a Facebook user commented, "Clearly, he is at fault. CCTV footage can be helpful."

Image via Facebook

You can watch the full CCTV footage here:

Posted by Eunice Khoo on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Posted by Eunice Khoo on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

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