4 Teens Who Performed ‘Superman’ Stunt On Their Modified Cycles In Ampang Arrested

The police revealed that the teens are aged between 11 and 15.

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Yesterday, 29 October, four teens in Ampang were arrested for performing dangerous stunts on their modified bicycles and speeding in the middle of the night

According to Harian Metro, the teens were riding modified bicycles that were not equipped with brakes.

The four were arrested at Taman Tasik Tambahan, Ampang on 29 October, after a video showing them performing the stunt went viral.

According to the caption of the two-minute-long video, which shows the teens cycling down a sloping road late at night, the incident is believed to have taken place at Taman Muda Ampang

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The teens were seen lying flat on their bicycle seats and had their legs straightened - resembling the way Superman flies.

They were accompanied by a motorcyclist and a man riding pillion, reported Sinar Harian.

The man who filmed the video told the group to stop, but they kept ignoring him until one of them fell while turning a corner.

Selangor Traffic Enforcement and Investigations Department chief Azman Shari'at revealed that the arrested teens are aged between 11 and 15

"The teens, who are high school students, are being detained under an ops conducted by the Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Department (BSPT) in Ampang Jaya Police Headquarters," Azman was quoted as saying by Harian Metro.

"The investigation showed that all of their bikes were modified and had no safety features, such as no braking system, which is a violation of Rule 42(1)(A) LN166/59."

Their bicycles were seized under Section 112 (3) of the Road Transport Act 1987.

Azmin added that the police had called in their parents and guardians to give out a stern warning.

The teens were released after their statements were recorded and the case has been sent to the deputy public prosecutor's office for further action.

The arrest came a day after the Johor Bahru Magistrate's Court concluded that a woman involved in an accident that killed eight teen cyclists was not guilty

Many netizens have referred to the case in 2017 and urged the parents not to let history repeat itself.

"Only less than two years ago the accident happened. So fast have forgotten the parents (sic)," a netizen said.

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"This is the reason why the lady driver was not at fault," another commented, referring to the same incident.

"They will never learn. And what type of irresponsible parents let kids out at such late hours? If you can't be a responsible parent, don't have kids then," another netizen chastised. 

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You can watch the video here:

Taman Muda Ampang

Taman Muda Ampang Suparman on the road... ... #PDRM

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In 2017, a freak accident in Johor Bahru occurred at around 3am and resulted in the deaths of eight teenaged joyriders: