JB Cycling Accident: Here's The Overview Listed In 6 Key Points

The accident that killed eight teenagers and injured eight more, happened at about 3.30am on Saturday, 18 February.

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In the wee hours of the night on Saturday, 18 February, a car rammed into a group of teenagers who were cycling in Johor Bahru. The freak accident killed eight and injured eight more teenagers.

Remnants of the damaged bicycles involved in the accident.

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The incident happened at about 3.30am on Saturday, when a 22-year-old female driver in a Nissan Almera hit the group of cyclists.

It was reported that the accident happened along Jalan Lingkaran Dalam near the Mahmoodiah Muslim cemetery.

Here are six things we know so far about the JB accident that claimed the lives of eight teenagers:

The information has been compiled from various news reports that have surfaced since the incident happened on Saturday morning.

1. A total of 16 teenagers were involved in the accident - six died on the scene, two more on the way to the hospital, and the remaining eight are undergoing treatment at Hospital Sultanah Aminah.

The youngest victim was only 13 years old.

14-year-old Mohammad Azrie Danish Zulkefli's funeral at Tanah Perkuburan Islam Kebun Teh today.

Image via NST

According to Bernama, the names of the deceased were released on Saturday, 18 February:

1. Fauzan Halmijah, 13, SMK Desa Cemerlang

2. Mohammad Azrie Danish Zulkefli, 14, SMK Tan Sri Mohamad Rahmat

3. Muhammad Shahrul Nizam Maruddin, 14, SMK Tan Sri Mohamad Rahmat

4. Muhammad Harith Iskandar Abdullah, 14, SMA Swasta Pasir Gudang

5. Muhamad Shahrul Izzwan Azzuraimee, 15, SMK Dato Abdul Rahman Yasin

6. Haizad Kasrin, 16, SMK Permas Jaya

7. Mohamad Azhar Amir, 16, SMK Permas Jaya

8. Muhammad Firdauz Danish M. Azahar, 16, SMK Damai Jaya

Meanwhile, Johor Health and Environment Committee Chairman Datuk Ayub Rahmat said that two of the eight that were injured are still in the intensive care unit (ICU), while the remaining six are in a stable condition and receiving treatment at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital (HSA).

"Two are still in the ICU with no change (in condition), while six others are in stable condition and waiting to undergo surgery," said Ayub in a statement, as reported by New Straits Times (NST) on Sunday, 19 February.

The two students that are still in the ICU are 16-year-old Mohamed Shamizal Iqmal Abdullah and 13-year-old Muhd Nazri Mahmudi.

Here's the list of names of the teenagers that are reportedly in stable condition:

1. Muhammad Arasshat Abdullah, 14 - right leg fracture

2. Muhammad Arif Salman, 15 - severe head injuries

3. Muhamad Farhan Che Mat, 16 - right leg fracture

4. Abdul Samad Abdul Kadir, 16 - left leg fracture

5. Muhammad Fitri Muhammad Fatoni, 17 - hip and body injuries

6. Muhammad Zulfadli Yusri, 19 - right leg fracture

2. The 22-year-old Nissan Almera driver who hit the group of boys has been released. She was not using her phone as speculated by the public.

Johor Baru South OCPD Asst Comm Police Sulaiman Salleh speaking to reporters at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital on 18 February.

Image via NST

NST reported that the driver involved in the tragic accident was released on bail, after her statement was recorded.

Johor police chief Datuk Seri Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Wan Mohd confirmed that she was released on Sunday, 19 February.

"She was allowed to go after we took her statement. She is traumatised by the accident.

"Initial investigation showed that the driver was not intoxicated or speeding at the time of the accident. She was also not using a handphone at the time as claimed by some," explained Wan Ahmad Najmuddin.

It was reported that the woman, who works at a seafood restaurant in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah in Skudai, was returning home from a friend's house in Taman Pelangi when the accident happened.

Johor Baru South OCPD Asst Comm Police Sulaiman Salleh said that the initial investigations show that the teenagers were cycling towards Dataran Bandaraya Johor Bahru, obstructing part of Jalan Lingkaran Dalam when the incident occurred.

The driver had apparently said that the teenagers were in the middle of the hilly, dark road, added Sulaiman.

A satellite image of Jalan Lingkaran Dalam, where the accident occurred on that fateful night.

Image via Google Maps

3. Who were these kids? Why were they riding their bicycles in the middle of the night?

Modified bikes that "joyriding" cycling groups usually use.

Image via NST

According to the authorities, the teenagers involved in the accident on Saturday morning, were members of a "joyriding" cycling group.

Johor Education Department director Saharudin Sharif said that the department is aware of the existence of such groups but has no idea on the number of people in it or why they join these groups.

Saharuddin said that these cycling groups would usually have different names for their modified bicycles, such as basikal lajak or basikal ciput. Some of the modifications include removing the brakes in the bicycles.

"They normally travel in groups of 10 or more," added Saharuddin, as reported by The Star on 18 February.

4. The Johor police will start conducting raids to pick up any underage children found loitering in the streets at night

Johor police chief Comm Datuk Seri Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd said that this is to ensure that such an incident will not happen again.

He said the raids will be conducted nightly, including on weekends and the children found by the authorities will be sent back to their parents.

"The time has come for police to use whatever laws or provisions and take a more drastic approach, including charging the parents in court.

"The state government can also have local councils take action against children loitering in the city at night," added Wan Ahmad Najmuddin.

To date, the authorities have identified about 60 children that are known to constantly loiter in the Johor Bahru city areas at odd hours.

It was reported that the Johor Bahru Selatan police have conducted five operations on "joyriding" cycling groups and seized 17 bicycles in less two months since the year started.

"Just like in previous cases, the cyclists will flee when we approach them in the operation. In this morning's case, we picked up about 20 modified bicycles and wrecked modified bicycles from the scene of the accident," said Johor Baru Selatan (JBS) District Police Chief Assistant Commission Sulaiman Salleh on 18 February.

5. One of the survivors, 16-year-old Abdul Samad Abdul Kadir, said that he saw his friend dying in front of him, cut in half

16-year-old Abdul Samad Abdul Kadir is currently receiving treatment at Sultanah Aminah Hospital (HSA).

Image via Free Malaysia Today

Free Malaysia Today (FMT) spoke to one of the victims on Sunday, 19 February and the teenager recounted his horrifying experience from the night before.

"I was still conscious though a little dizzy after I was hit. I remember seeing everyone lying on the ground. What horrified me was the sight of my friend completely cut in half.

"I felt like the car must have been going really fast when it hit us. I saw my friend lying down next to me dead," said Abdul Samad.

He also mentioned that it was the first time he had gone out of his neighbourhood in Kampung Melayu Pandan, to join his friends on the cycling trip.

"I regret going out at 10pm that night but I did ask my parents for permission," added Abdul Samad.

6. The Johor state government will provide RM1,000 aid to each survivor of the cycling accident

Family members of the victims gathered at Sultanah Aminah Hospital on 18 February.

Image via NST

In a report by NST today, 20 February, State Islamic Religious Committee chairman Abd Mutalip Abd Rahim said that the financial assistance is provided to ease the burden and help the families involved in the incident.

"We started distributing the assistance yesterday and the remainder will be handed over today as we do not want to disturb the families who are in mourning over the loss of their children.

"What is important is that the burial arrangements have been completed, now we can move on to other things where the state government can help. The RM1,000 will be given to the seriously injured victims who are undergoing treatment," said Abd Mutalip.

Adding to that, an immediate donation of RM1,600 will also be provided to each family of the teenagers that were killed.

Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin also said that the state government will be providing legal aid to the families and relatives of the students involved in the accident.

NST also reported that families of the teenagers who were killed in the accident will also receive a compensation worth RM5,000 as they are insured under the Student Takaful Scheme.

"Those injured in the accident will also receive compensations. The amount will depend on the extent of their injuries and how long they have to stay in hospital." said Johor Education Department director Shaharudin Sharif.

Following the horrific accident, questions have been raised by many, with most accusing the parents for being negligent about the whereabouts of their children

Fatimah Nasir

Image via Free Malaysia Today

Responding to that, Fatimah Nasir, mother of deceased 14-year-old Mohammad Azrie Danish Zulkefli, said that the her son was not neglected or uncared for, as speculated by some members of the public.

"It's enough. I hope the public will stop blaming the parents and victims. They (the public) do not know how we feel. Although I am powerless to stop them from spreading these accusations, I am begging them to stop," pleaded Fatimah, when speaking to FMT today.

Meanwhile, one of the survivors' father, Muhammad Fatoni Musrap, 45, told FMT that he didn't want to "excessively" control his son, in fear of stressing up his son too much.

"I don’t care, maybe other parents do. To me it's normal. We can't try to control him too much or else he would be stressed out.

"I didn’t realise because we were sleeping then. I thought maybe he went nearby but he went far away. We already told him not to go out because the following day was a school day," explained Fatoni, adding that his son was stubborn and would usually sneak out of the house despite his warnings.

His 17-year-old son, Muhammad Fitri Muhammad Fatoni has hip and body injuries is still unable to get up or walk.

Muhammad Fatoni Musrap

Image via Free Malaysia Today

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