Watch The Moment Kim Jong-Nam's Assassins Complete Their Mission In Less Than 3 Seconds

A video that recently emerged on YouTube apparently shows the events that led to Kim Jong-nam's death.

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It took less than three seconds for two women to sneak up to Kim Jong-Nam and administer the poison that would kill him hours later

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Kim Jong-nam, the 45-year-old half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, was believed to have been poisoned at KLIA2 on Monday 13 February, leading to his death.

A video apparently depicting Jong-Nam's last moments has emerged on YouTube, showing footage believed to have been taken by several CCTVs at KLIA2

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The clip shows a man resembling Jong-Nam, clad in a light blue jacket and slacks with a backpack slung over one shoulder, walking into the airport and looking at flight schedules before approaching a nearby self check-in kiosk.

Then, two women came from different directions. The woman approaching Jong-nam from behind can be seen lunging from behind to reach over his head and cover his face with a cloth.

Two women (marked by yellow and pink arrows) approaching Kim Jong-nam (red arrow) at KLIA2's self check-in area.

Image via YouTube

It took them only seconds to finish what the came to do, as both women quickly went back in the directions they came from.

The self check-in area seems to be fairly crowded, although no one seems to have noticed the attack.

After the attack, Jong-nam walked swiftly to an information counter to speak to a man and a woman. The woman then takes him to two policemen, where he is seen gesturing to his face and presumably telling them about the attack.

Image via YouTube

At this point, Jong-nam looks unharmed and is still walking normally without needing help. The policement then walk him the airport clinic, after which the video ends.

You can watch the full video here:

Note: Fast forward to 01:36 for clearer footage.

Hours after the attack, Kim Jong-nam died on the way to the hospital. Get the latest updates on the high-profile assassination here:

The high-profile murder shifted the spotlight to the exiled half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un:

It also brought to light the diplomatic relationship between Malaysia and North Korea as well as the hermit country's squad of female assassins:

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