S'pore Chinese Lady Slammed For Posting That She Loves "Ahneii" Food But "Food Only Ah"

She has since deleted her Facebook story.

Cover image via Twitter @Ganeshspeaks & TripAdvisor

A Singaporean Chinese lady created a stir on social media after she recently posted a Facebook story joking about Indian food and its people

On 28 October, Twitter user Ganesh Nadrajan tweeted a screenshot of the woman's story:

The photo tagged with the location Mumbai, India, showed Indian food along with the caption:

"A Chinese girl that loves ahneiii food so much (food only ah)".

For context, 'Ahneiii' - usually spelled as 'Anneh' - means elder brother in Tamil. According to Mothership, it can also be derogative because the word has evolved into the racist and crude term "Ah Pu Neh Neh”.

Wanting to correct her on this, Ganesh informed the lady of her mistake

"Yo I don't think it's cool to refer to Indians as ahneiii, your snap might be misinterpreted as racist," he told her.

Her response? "But my best friends are all Indians," she replied. "Thanks for the heads up. I [already] removed. You have a point. Have a good day."

Although she has since deleted the post, the Internet always remembers

Ganesh's tweet has garnered over 1,500 retweets at the time of writing.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Mothership

But despite several people disagreeing with her "humour", others also said that Ganesh should not have shamed her in public

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Racism leaves no room for unity. Let's avoid being racist when renting out properties:

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