3-Year-Old Found Barely Breathing After Hiding Inside Her Mother's Car For 4 Hours

She had quietly sneaked into the backseat of the car without her mother's knowledge.

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On 2 March, a woman in Sepang found her three-year-old daughter unconscious and barely breathing after being locked in a car for four hours

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The car was parked in their Taman Putra Perdana home, China Press reported.

Unbeknownst to the woman, her daughter had quietly sneaked into the backseat of the car when she was preparing to send a relative for tuition

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When she came back home, the woman locked the car without realising that her daughter was still inside.

At 6pm, she found the toddler unconscious in the backseat.

When the child was discovered, she was quickly rushed to a hospital

The hospital staff reported the incident to the police shortly after she was admitted, China Press reported.

As of yesterday, 3 March, the toddler was in critical condition and receiving treatment in the ICU.

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