[VIDEOS] 'Whirlwind' Rips Through Ipoh And Destroys Over 300 Homes Just Days Before CNY

A trail of destruction was left in the storm's wake, leaving many families in shock and devastated right before the Chinese New Year festivities.

Cover image via Suara FM (Facebook)

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With Chinese New Year just a few days away, many residents were left in despair after a 'whirlwind' caused by a storm struck several areas in Ipoh, Perak

The incident occurred on Sunday evening, 30 January, crushing cars with felled trees, blowing away the roofs of hundreds of houses, and knocking down electrical poles.

A Perak Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) spokesman said they received a report of the incident at 6.40pm and quickly mobilised officers and firemen from the Ipoh JBPM station to the affected locations, according to Bernama.

These areas include Kampung Tawas, Taman Tasik Damai, Taman Desa Seri Chepor, and Kampung Seri Klebang Tambahan.

Many residents described the ordeal as "being hit by a tornado"

Canteen operator Cheah Kim, in her 50s, said it was only drizzling but the wind was "very strong", reported The Star.

"I saw my neighbour's roof being blown away," she said. "My own roof and ceiling have given way. I was fortunate not to be injured."

Videos that have gone viral online show gusts of wind intensifying while debris floats in circular motion in the air. Some even captured the moment a home is stripped of its roof and awning.

What looks like a scene from a disaster movie, the roofs and awnings of these houses were blown off one by one:

In another video, several men were shown bracing themselves as they watched the winds pick up and blow away debris around them:

Meanwhile, Ipoh Barat MP M Kulasegaran, when visiting the affected sites, advised residents to lodge police reports over the incident so that authorities can channel financial assistance to those affected.

The Fire and Rescue Department said there were no reports of injury or death so far.

More footage of the disaster can be found here:

Last week, another heavy storm brought destruction to several areas in Shah Alam:

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