37-Year-Old M'sian Saves Lives Via Organ Donation After Sudden Brain Death

The thought that Wu Bimei would "continue living in another way" motivated her entire family to sign the organ donor registration form.

Cover image via Sin Chew Daily

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A Chinese woman from Kuantan, Pahang, has left an enduring legacy of compassion by donating six of her vital organs to save lives after being declared brain dead

According to Sin Chew Daily, Wu Bimei experienced a sudden onset of severe headache and vomiting on 28 October.

The 37-year-old was subsequently diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm, a ballooning of blood vessels in the brain that can cause bleeding into the surrounding brain tissue.

After being admitted to Kuantan General Hospital, Wu was later transferred to a neurology hospital in Sungai Buloh for further care. Unfortunately, while undergoing treatment, she experienced a cardiac arrest.

Although cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) restored her heartbeat, Wu was later pronounced brain dead due to oxygen deprivation.

She owned a traditional Chinese medicine shop, which she co-managed with her husband, Ou Dequan, reported the Chinese daily.

Image via Sin Chew Daily

Following Wu's death, doctors advised her family to consider donating her organs to those in need

"She was always willing to help others. She was also running a business associated with saving lives. So, we all reached a unanimous decision to proceed with the organ donation," Sin Chew Daily quoted Wu's sister, Wu Biyun, as saying.

Even though she initially felt uneasy, Biyun said knowing that her sister would "continue living in another way" motivated the entire family to sign the organ donor registration form.

According to the Chinese Daily, Wu donated a pair of corneas, two kidneys, and one liver, which could potentially save the lives of six people. The organ donation reportedly took place on 2 November, between 2am and 7am.

Image via Sin Chew Daily

The doctors said Wu was the sixth organ donor at Sungai Buloh Hospital since 2016

Wu's mother, Bu Meijiao, said while it was heartbreaking to see her daughter dying at such a young age, the thought that her daughter's organs could help others gave her a sense of comfort.

"I know one of the patients who received my daughter's organs can now urinate on their own after the transplant. I am very happy knowing that the patient's condition has improved," she said.

"When you're dead, you're dead. If someone can help others by donating their organs, they should do it," said Wu's son, Fang Changsheng.

He also said he would consider becoming an organ donor himself and encouraged others to become organ donors to help those in need.

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