A Bride Who Died From Brain Haemorrhage A Day After Wedding Saved 3 Lives With Her Organs

"I am deeply gratified, albeit still filled with grief," said the widowed husband.

Cover image via Arisa Chattasa/Unsplash & JAFAR AHMED/Unsplash

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Though many of us who are married often look to our weddings as a brand new beginning, for one bride, it was a short-lived moment of bliss

As reported by the South China Morning Post, a woman from Fuping county in the Shaanxi province of Northwestern China suffered a brain haemorrhage the day after her wedding, and died shortly after in hospital last Friday, 5 August.

While her family remains devastated by her death, they made the difficult choice to donate her organs with the intention that it may save the lives of others in the process.

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Image via Arisa Chattasa/Unsplash

Known simply by her surname, Zhang had told her family prior to her death that it was her wish to become an organ donor when she passes

In their grief, Zhang's family had informed volunteer coordinators at the hospital of her intention, "Zhang had said that she would like to save people by making organ donations if anything ever happened to her."

Shortly after her death, Zhang's husband and parents agreed to fill out the required paperwork on the spot. Surrounded by doctors, nurses, and volunteers alike, it was reported that even the staff were moved to tears by the late Zhang's sheer generosity.

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via JAFAR AHMED/Unsplash

After a team of six doctors successfully removed her organs, it was later revealed that three people's lives were saved by her donation

Stipulated in a comment by Zhang's widowed husband, "The organs she donated saved strangers in need, benefiting others and society. I am deeply gratified, albeit still filled with grief. Maybe someday I will encounter her shadow in the crowd somewhere in the city."

Earning praise across mainland China, the bride's actions captivated the hearts of many online users, with plenty of people offering blessings for Zhang and her family.

One user wrote saying, "Good girl, heaven will sprinkle a lovely rainbow for you," while another wrote, "Angel all the way. May there be no pain in heaven."

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