Photos Show Stadium Covered In Trash But Some Netizens Defend Football Fans For Littering

Stadium Tuanku Abdul Rahman in Negeri Sembilan was covered with trash after a match between Negeri Sembilan Football Club and Penang Football Club on 9 August.

Cover image via Negeri Sembilan Football Club (Facebook)

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Littering is often an act that is frowned upon

But some netizens defended the act of football fans at Stadium Tuanku Abdul Rahman in Negeri Sembilan after photos showed that its benches were covered with trash

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, 9 August, Negeri Sembilan Football Club shared 10 photos of the stadium, where food packaging waste could be seen everywhere.

Empty plastic cups, sunflower seed shells, snack packaging, and small plastic bags were left on the seats.

"We request supporters to maintain hygiene while watching the match," said the state football club after a game between it and Penang Football Club earlier the same day.

At the time of writing, the post received almost 700 likes and 200 comments

Many netizens chided football fans for being uncivilised litterbugs.

"All supporters who come to the stadium must be responsible for throwing away their garbage. Don't embarrass the Negeri (Sembilan) people," commented a Facebook user.

"Mentality is still backward. Sad to see," lamented a person, while another added, "Supporters with no civic values."

A netizen wished that the local football fans could follow in the footsteps of Japanese supporters, who are known for cleaning up stadiums after the events.

Image via Facebook

However, some netizens retaliated against the Negeri Sembilan Football Club and blamed it for not preparing rubbish bins in the seating areas

One Facebook user said it was not the supporters' fault for littering the stadium, before casting the blame on the management for not taking wise preventive measures.

Several others noted that the photos do not show a single rubbish bin and asked the stadium to prepare them to avoid the incident from happening again.

Image via Facebook

One person shut down the rhetoric in response, saying that those supporters probably do not possess good values

"Good at bringing things in, good at taking them out. Your phone and brain... I don't see you leaving them anywhere. Even if there's a rubbish bin, you still won't use it. Ya lah, even if the factory gives you (a car) with turn signal lights, you won't you use them anyway," wrote the netizen.

A different person then uploaded a photo of a large trash bag at the stadium, which does not seem to have been used.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, one Facebook user said it is the stadium's responsibility to clean up the litter because the audience members have paid for the tickets

"Sir, it's the same in every country," they began.

"Any activity will similarly leave a lot of garbage (after the event).. After the games, the organisers should arrange cleaners because they have made profits from selling tickets."

"If you prepare trash cans or plastic bags for garbage, when a team loses, the bins will surely fly here and there as they will be kicked by some supporters."

Image via Facebook

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