[VIDEO] Man In Penang Seen Cleaning Car & Leaving Rubbish All Over Public Parking Lot

The Penang Island City Council (MBPP) said they will take stern action against him.

Cover image via Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang (Facebook)

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The Penang Island City Council (MBPP) has said they will take stern action against a man who was caught on video cleaning his car and leaving rubbish all over the ground at a public parking lot

"The actions of a man throwing a load of rubbish from his car onto the road is deeply regrettable and should not have happened," they wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday, 24 March.

"MBPP takes this issue seriously and will take firm action against any individual who defiles our city."

In the three-minute video that went viral, the man can be seen casually rearranging his belongings around a white Perodua Bezza with rubbish scattered all over the ground.

After getting into the car, he blatantly throws an extra piece of rubbish out the window.

The incident is said to have happened along Jalan Masjid Kapitan K-ling, near the Goddess of Mercy Temple in George Town

The original video uploaded by a Facebook user was shared over 7,500 times and caught the attention of the city council.

MBPP warned that any indiscriminate dumping of garbage in public places is an offence under Section 47(1)(e) of the 1974 Street, Drainage, and Building Act.

"The offence carries a punishment of a maximum RM500 fine for the first offence and RM1,000 for subsequent offences," they reminded.

"We ask the public to be our eye and ears and to report these incidents to the authorities so that our city can always be kept clean."

The video went viral with thousands of netizens getting riled up by the irresponsible litterbug

"No civic awareness. How can our country ever be clean if this species of people still exist? Is it that difficult to throw trash in the right place?" questioned a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

Another said, "Look at that. Busted for bad behaviour. His car must already be a garbage bin, but he also wants to treat the rest of the environment like that too."

Image via Facebook

"So shameful, does he expect the cleaners to clean up his mess afterwards? Aduh," commented another.

Image via Facebook

Watch the video here:

Malaysians have a long way to go in learning to respect the environment and public spaces:

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