7-Year-Old Suffering Terminal Brain Cancer Gets Final Wish To Become A Bomba

"We understand the feelings that these parents have and we want to share their pain."

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A seven-year-old boy with terminal brain cancer had his dreams fulfilled recently when he got to be a fireman for a little while

Ahmad Danial Ahmad Suhairi always dreamt of becoming a bomba but was diagnosed with stage 4 Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) brain cancer in March, Berita Harian reported.

Despite being paralysed and unable to speak, Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (JBPM) wanted to fulfil Ahmad's wish following a request from Cancer Children Support Association (PESONA).

On Sunday, 6 October, Ahmad was dressed in a fireman's uniform by the team and given a tour in a fire engine around Berserah, Pahang

"We understand the feelings that these parents have and we want to share their pain," Pahang JBPM director Nor Hisham Mohammad said, according to Berita Harian.

The director had driven the truck himself, as the team helped to dress and strap Ahmad in.

The young boy's health deteriorated quickly, and he now lives on medications and hospital treatments since he came home in May

It is understood that Ahmad is the eldest of three siblings, after his elder brother passed away from a lung infection.

"DIPG brain cancer is extremely rare and is said to provide no cure for its patients with a survival rate of zero, but we are still hoping for a miracle and will continue to do our best," the young child's father, Ahmad Suhairi explained, according to Astro Awani.

Although Ahmad was not able to show any reaction, his father believed that the whole bomba experience left his son overjoyed.

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